Bioware | 7 inch BIODEGRADABLE DISPOSABLE PLATES | 1000 pieces

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  • BAGASSE PLATES are perfect for a cake, sandwiches, small meal or a dessert. The compostable food plate makes a Great Choice for Home Use, Parties, Restaurants, Food Trucks, To-go Orders, Cloud Kitchens, Dark Kitchens, Events, and other types of Food Service
  • 100% ECO-FRIENDLY. Bagasse Plate is made of Sugarcane Fiber, a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable Material. A great alternative to traditional foam or plastic, the disposable plate offers the same sturdy function and easy cleanup. Manufactured from eco-friendly bagasse, a 100% biodegradable and compostable byproduct of sugar cane.
  • FOR HOT & COLD USE. These plates are microwave safe for max 2 min, freezer safe, oil & water Resistant. The plate can be used for serving hot or cold food items. It offers reliable strength and does not contain any plastic or wax lining. Note: Hot Foods can cause the plates to perspire and condensation to form at the bottom.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION. With a wide range of products and a classic design, BioWare provides premium environmental-friendly products and peace of mind that you are using all-natural organic tableware for your family and friends. Perfect for Camping, Picnics, Lunches, Catering, BBQs, Events, Parties, Weddings and Restaurants. Perfect Eco plates for lunch, dinner or appetizers!
  • STRONG & STURDY than most disposable tableware. Bioware tableware is sturdier than paper, plastic, or polystyrene tableware. These other materials cannot withstand the same level of heat as bioware tableware, and they are not as durable. Polystyrene, paper and plastic tableware leave a more negative environmental impact, as they are not biodegradable and not made from readily and rapidly renewable resources. Perfect Eco plates for lunch, dinner or appetizers!

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