The technology used in BioWare’s products are 100% renewable made from plants to produce alternatives to plastic products. Our products are made of natural plants such as the sugarcane (bagasse), paper, bamboo and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester (PLA).

While there have been many alternatives to plastic over the last two decades, they have not been economical for the everyday user to make the switch to. In recent years Asian countries have managed to come up with more economical solutions to which BioWare now distributes in the MENA region.

BioWare also offer’s 100% biodegrable and compostable solutions that alternative to the plastic shopping bags that we have been so reliant on in the last few decades.

While we are aware the cost of biodegradable solutions present to be 20% – 30% higher priced to its plastic components, but the environmental cost to choosing biodegradable products is much lower to its plastic counterparts.